DB Armitage - Lovelow

music video by DB Armitage, directed by Dalma Berger aka DB Armitage and Gareth Phillips
performed by Dalma Berger aka DB Armitage and Emma Holty
DOP, edit, coloring Gareth Phillips
second DOP Ira Putilova

Special thanks for Gabriela Zigova

Lovelow is the first single from her forthcoming EP, landing in 2021 May on GIVE/TAKE.

original music written, composed, performed by DB Armitage, produced by Darren Jones
2021 DB Armitage


It always feels like the whole empire crumble
when you go down down deep into into the day of the dead.
Your silence got deeper with every hour
and it all comes back to us in pain.

He will bring the rain....

Stand up! Why dont you talk to me? Shame is killer you know that better than me.

Sunday Driver, no one is turning back for you cause there is a light in your eyes that horrifies!

We never really waited for each other,
how can you love a man who believes he was born to loose forever?
And i never was a beggar. And I had to walk away to keep myself together.

You never really wanted this, you never really took a chance to built this up.
We never really wanted this, we never took the chance to build this up.
We v never waited for each other.
We have never waisted.